Available March 2019

Conference Papers

Baumann, Peter, Martin Krammer, Mario Driussi, Lars Mikelsons, Josef Zehetner, Werner Mair, and Dieter Schramm. 2019. "Using the Distributed Co-Simulation Protocol for a Mixed Real-Virtual Prototype." In Proceedings of 2019 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics. Ilmenau, Germany: IEEE Industrial Electronics Society. Accepted for publication bib

Krammer, Martin, Klaus Schuch, Christian Kater, Khaled Alekeish, Torsten Blochwitz, Stefan Materne, Andreas Soppa, and Martin Benedikt. 2019. "Standardized Integration of Real-Time and Non-Real-Time Systems: The Distributed Co-Simulation Protocol." In Proceedings of the 13th International Modelica Conference, Regensburg, Germany, March 4-6, 2019, 157:87-96. Regensburg, Germany: Modelica Association. doi bib

Krammer, Martin, Martin Benedikt, Torsten Blochwitz, Khaled Alekeish, Nicolas Amringer, Christian Kater, Stefan Materne, et al. 2018. "The Distributed Co-Simulation Protocol for the Integration of Real-Time Systems and Simulation Environments." In Proceedings of the 50th Computer Simulation Conference. doi bib

Krammer, Martin, Nadja Marko, and Martin Benedikt. 2018. "Requirements Engineering for Consensus-Oriented Technical Specifications." In Proceedings - 2018 IEEE 26th International Requirements Engineering Conference, RE 2018, 315-324. Banff, Alberta, Canada. doi.

Krammer, Martin, Nadja Marko, and Martin Benedikt. 2016. "Interfacing Real-Time Systems for Advanced Co-Simulation - The ACOSAR Approach." In CEUR Workshop Proceedings, edited by Catherine Dubois, Francesco Parisi-Presicce, Dimitris Kolovos, and Nicholas Matragkas, 1675:32-39. Vienna, Austria: Dubois, Catherine Parisi-Presicce, Francesco Kolovos, Dimitris Matragkas, Nicholas. bib pdf

Presentation Slides

Krammer, Martin. 2018. "Modelica Association Project "Distributed Co-Simulation Protocol"." VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center. 2018. bib pdf

Newspapers, Magazines and Other Materials

Horgan, Chris, and Linda van den Borne. 2018. "ACOSAR and Its DCP - a Protocol for Celebration." ITEA3 News Item, September 21, 2018. web bib

ITEA3 Project Office. 2018. "Project Profile ACOSAR - Advanced Co-Simulation Open System ARchitecture." ACOSAR Project Leaflet, 2018. web bib