Available March 2019

DCP Version 1.0


This is the first publicly released version of the Distributed Co-Simulation Protocol.

Specification document
Version 1.0, PDF (2019-03-01) bib Creative Commons License

Additional materials

DCP Slave Description Schema
Version 1.0, ZIP (2019-03-01)

DCP CAN Mapping
Version 1.0, ZIP (2019-03-01)

DCP Standard on GitHub

GitHub project
Editable specification coming soon, use issues for feedback

Reference Implementations

GitHub project, framework for DCP version 1.0 master and slave implementations, language: C++

DCP Compliance and Test

DCP Tester
GitHub project, framework for test of DCP slaves version 1.0, language: C++

DCP Test Generator
GitHub project, test case generator for DCP slaves version 1.0, language: Java

Official DCP Logo

For use in applications, coming soon